Black History Month – A Celebration of Unity

01/19/2010 20:09


The month of February is designated as Black History Month in the United States. This is a special time to reflect on how African-American people overcame racial barriers and oppressive obstacles such as slavery, civil injustice and discrimination. During this time of reflection, it is also a time to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements made by African-Americans of past and present as they changed and reshaped the fabric that once weaved a cloak of racial inequality for their race. As they continue to exhibit their vitality, strength, and endurance of their heritage as blacks in America, let us unite and celebrate their culture by participating in the many events and activities that will be taking place in recognition of Black History Month. Show your awareness and support during this eventful time by purchasing a Unity Bracelet or Necklace exclusively offered by Gifted Creations. For more detail on how to acquire these items, go to and find out how.


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