Gifted Creations Goes To College!

05/18/2009 20:20

With Gifted Creations quest to find potential markets to offer our products and services to, it was brought to our attention by one of our business consultants that we should consider marketing our products to college students. Upon indepth research into this potential marketing niche, it proved to worth while endeavor to pursue. To meet the need of this potential market, Gifted Creations have added an exclusive section to our website ( for college students on or off campus life. This exclusive section titled, "The Gift Dorm" is were college students can shop for personal and gift-giving needs and recieve discounts on all items and services that are offered. Although we are coming to the end of 2009 college closing and graduation, what better time for Gifted Creations to get a head start on college students entering and returning for this fall semester!

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