"It's Staycation Gift Basket Time!"

06/23/2009 08:15

Vacations are important - they promote creativity and family bonding, they help you avoid burnout, they even make you healthier and help you perform better on the job because of the psychological value of a vacation. With the astronomical price of gas these days and the outrageous cost to rent a hotel room, why not check into a Staycation Gift Basket! It's a vacation-in-a-basket that you can stay home and turn your backyard into a cottage getaway or summer retreat or spa oasis (hence the name Staycation). Discover a new inexpensive and exciting/relaxing way to treat your familiy, friends and colleagues to a vacation they can truly afford. If you are looking for fun, relaxation, an educational experience  for the kids, adventure, or even romance, there's a Staycation gift basket just for!

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