Break-Time Coffee and Tea Gift Mug - $13.99

Break-Time Coffee and Tea Gift Mug - $13.99

Everyone deserves a break. Why not treat your colleague, employee, business partner or even yourself to this much needed "Break Time" Coffee and Tea Gift Mug. Coffee and Tea Lover's will be delighted when they receive this refreshing gift filled to the brim with the following items: 1 decorative creamic 8 oz mugs, 7 packets of Necafe' Caffinated Coffee, 2 Lipton Tea Bags, Muffin (Blueberry, Chocolate Chip or Corn), 3 Mini Moo Dairy Creamers, 1 packet of strawberry jam, 2 Realemon Juice Packets, 2 Stevia Sweetner Packets, 3 Domenios Sugar Straws, 1 metal teaspoon, and 1 napkin. Mugs available in green, burgundy, brown and blue and also available in themes. To inquire about this item, use the Feedback link.

        Price: $13.99
  Delivery: $10.00
        Total: $23.99

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