01/19/2010 20:09

Black History Month – A Celebration of Unity


The month of February is designated as Black History Month in the United States. This is a special time to reflect on how African-American people overcame racial barriers and oppressive obstacles such as slavery, civil injustice and discrimination. During this time of reflection, it is also a time to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements made by African-Americans of past and present as they changed and reshaped the fabric that once weaved a cloak of racial inequality for their race. As they continue to exhibit their vitality, strength, and endurance of their heritage as blacks in America, let us unite and celebrate their culture by participating in the many events and activities that will be taking place in recognition of Black History Month. Show your awareness and support during this eventful time by purchasing a Unity Bracelet or Necklace exclusively offered by Gifted Creations. For more detail on how to acquire these items, go to and find out how.


10/20/2009 22:31

Holiday Crunch - How To Avoid It!

The holidays have crept up on you again. Maybe you are ahead of the game and know exactly what you are going to spend on gifts for this holiday season. If not, don't fret, here are 5 steps that will help you avoid the Holiday Crunch:

Step 1: Make a list of everyone that you plan on giving a gift to this year.

Step 2: Split your list into individuals, groups and families. For each person/group/family, jot down a few things that the recipients(s) enjoy(s).

Step 3: You're almost done. Now comes the tough part. Determine a dollar amount that you plan to spend this holiday season.

Step 4: Once you come up with a grand total, then go down through your list and plug in numbers. Be as realistic as possible, and do not plan on racking up a gigantic credit card balance.

Step 5: You now have a complete list of WHO you need gifts for, WHAT they like and HOW much money you can afford for their gifts. Now all you have to do is decide what to give them. To help you decide on what to give, call Gifted Creations at 617.803.8076 and let us show you how to give gifts you can truly afford.


06/23/2009 08:15

"It's Staycation Gift Basket Time!"

Vacations are important - they promote creativity and family bonding, they help you avoid burnout, they even make you healthier and help you perform better on the job because of the psychological value of a vacation. With the astronomical price of gas these days and the outrageous cost to rent a hotel room, why not check into a Staycation Gift Basket! It's a vacation-in-a-basket that you can stay home and turn your backyard into a cottage getaway or summer retreat or spa oasis (hence the name Staycation). Discover a new inexpensive and exciting/relaxing way to treat your familiy, friends and colleagues to a vacation they can truly afford. If you are looking for fun, relaxation, an educational experience  for the kids, adventure, or even romance, there's a Staycation gift basket just for!

05/18/2009 20:20

Gifted Creations Goes To College!

With Gifted Creations quest to find potential markets to offer our products and services to, it was brought to our attention by one of our business consultants that we should consider marketing our products to college students. Upon indepth research into this potential marketing niche, it proved to worth while endeavor to pursue. To meet the need of this potential market, Gifted Creations have added an exclusive section to our website ( for college students on or off campus life. This exclusive section titled, "The Gift Dorm" is were college students can shop for personal and gift-giving needs and recieve discounts on all items and services that are offered. Although we are coming to the end of 2009 college closing and graduation, what better time for Gifted Creations to get a head start on college students entering and returning for this fall semester!

03/16/2009 08:15

First blog

We launched our first blog on March 16, 2009, to make the gift-buying public aware of Gifted Creations' new website.  As a giftware and floral service, we will be regularly updating our users about our online shopping tool, our new giftware items, the latest trends, and low-cost savings for your shopping convenience.  So stay tuned to our blog.  We trust that it will prove to be a valuable and resourceful medium when making wise buying decisions.

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